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Tales from Ted
Did you know about The Lost San Saba Mine in Texas

Well, Tales from Ted would not be complete unless we talk about buried treasure. According to many sources from the 1800s to early 1900s, outlaws from all over the states buried treasure here and there. Some discovered hidden mines and even went so far as to kill the owner of the claim to claim it as their own. If they could not mine the ore, they would hide the mines from prying eyes until it was safe to come back and work it. There was enough claim jumping to match Alaskan Gold Mining history!

   Sure enough, after checking some sources..the Lost San Saba Mine, is believed to be located somewhere within the Menard-San Saba-Llano triangle of the Hill Country, and has been the Holy Grail of Texas treasure tales for more than 250 years.

   According to legend and some historical information, in 1756, a dispatch reached Madrid from the region of New Spain known as Texas. The report was from Bernardo de Miranda y Flores, …
Social Media Woes- a continuation from Keeping It Simple (OLD WEST STYLE)

This exerpt taken from Toni Bowers at Tech Republic...hope this is OK Toni

By  January 27, 2012, 6:15 AM PST Takeaway: In this Friday rant, Toni Bowers talks about why she is sick and tired of social media.

So, OK, as a blogger whose emphasis is on career management, I have to tell people how important networking is for their careers. And a big part of networking in the times we’re living in is done online through social media. And I was on board with LinkedIn (for making business connections), Facebook (for social purposes), and Twitter (for branding purposes). Then along comes Google Plus (which is being touted as almost a requirement for people in my business). You show me the person who has time to maintain all these entities and I’ll show you a person who has been cloned — more than once. Who can keep track of all the groups and contacts and friends and lists and status updates andprofiles and still b…

Keeping it Simple (Old West Style)

Well, as I said, I love stories of the old west and that will include poetry( Cowboy Poetry as well). Everyone has at least one poem in them if they just sit down and think about it. I will attempt my own and that of others as I go along. My goal is to create appreciation for the old west and the things in it that shaped our country and even our thinking. So much of the Old West is still relevant today as we still fight the same societal battles that were prevalent then. Maybe by looking back at this time period in history we can find ourselves and our purpose for being, if we just happened to lose our way in today's pressure-cooker society. It was a simple time in many ways and folks mostly spoke very plain. We need some of that simple way of talking today, because just like in George Orwell's book, 1984 ,we seem to have acquired a taste for DOUBLESPEAK ( Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words) in our society. Let's…