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Camels Disprove God’s Existence; Bible Is False...REALLY???

I had to laugh at the ridiculous article Camels Disprove God’s Existence; Bible Is False by Kyle Beshears about the mistake in the Bible concerning domesticated doesn't take a genius to demonstrate that was really bad journalism, poor research, and poor judgement on the part of atheist to buy into it. This article by Steve Wilkinson should get the atheists blood boiling again for something new to arise.

While browsing the news the other day, I ran across this article on CNN’s ‘Belief Blog,’ “Will camel discovery break the Bible’s back?” by Joel Baden, an associate professor of Old Testament at Yale Divinity School. I soon discovered it was one among many even more umm, ‘provocative,’ articles gaining popularity around the Internet. The conclusion of many of the articles was that this was yet ANOTHER devastating piece of evidence proving the Bible’s accounts are simply made up tales.
Joel Baden takes a slightly different tact. While indulging in some jabs at those who mig…

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

If you are an emotionally or physically abused person, or feel like a chronic loser-falling down again and again, and wondering if you can ever get up, this blog is for you! If you have never read Marc yourself a favor and follow his blog! The people we live with can have a good or bad effect. Negative people are killers to the soul! Positive people who have a healthy outlook on life are like a drink of cool water in the desert! If your life seems to be in a cycle that resembles your clothes dryer, change the setting today for the better. You see, God will help you if call on Him in the name of Jesus and trust that His wisdom is greater than yours. However He will eventually require you to do something outside your comfort zone to prove you want a different life and trust Him implicitly. You write the last chapter of your life. How do you want it to read? POST WRITTEN BY: MARC CHERNOFF 30 Things…

The Corrupt and Fallible Word Of God...REALLY?

According to some the Bible is not without its difficulties. After all, some of its older books were written 3,000 years ago in a radically different culture than our own. There are cultural barriers to overcome as well as contextual issues to consider when delving into the Bible. But are there really difficulties? Not if you understand how to interpret the Bible.

Since the Bible claims to be the only inspired Word of God, it has become the focus of many attacks. False religions and critics of the Bible have tried to discredit it by chipping away at its authority and credibility. Even cultic and sectarian churches chip away at certain parts of the Bible and choose to interpret loosely or use texts taken out of context to form a hellish doctrine.

Nevertheless, there are those who sit in judgment of God's Word.

The first major attack against the Bible began with what is known as "higher criticism." It arose in Germany around the end of the 17th century. The promoter of &q…