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A Christian Manifesto Part One

What is a Manifesto? Manifesto is a public declaration, usually of a prince, sovereign, or other person claiming large powers, showing his/her intentions, or proclaiming his opinions and motives in reference to some act done or contemplated by him/her; as by example: a manifesto declaring the purpose of a prince to begin war, and explaining his/her motives. for those who want to hear it and see it! From Series: A Christian Manifesto by Alistair Begg
Luke 6:20-27 (ID: 2104) The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most challenging passages in the Bible. Understood correctly, it will make even the most well-meaning, gracious person despair of their ability to fulfill God’s commands. In this message, Alistair Begg points to the heart transformation that must precede the radical difference from the world that Jesus preached. Only through Christ’s work in our hearts can we learn to love what the world hates and hate what it lo…