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6 Qualities of an Encouraging Parent

6 Qualities of an Encouraging Parent By Dr. Eric Scalise What is encouragement and why is it so essential for maintaining healthy marriages and families. Encouragement represents positive influence, to literally give courage to someone—not waiting until it's deserved or asked for, but taking initiative when things are difficult and uncertain. There are many synonyms one could use: to give support, confidence or hope to another; to hearten, cheer, uplift, inspire, motivate, vitalize, embolden, or rally. The impact can be far reaching and often makes a difference when relationships begin to falter. Even the neuroscience gives credence to this dynamic. Criticism and negativity release harmful stress hormones, inhibit concentration, diminish the brain's executive functioning, and tend to create knee-jerk reactions vs. calm and rational thinking.

The Bible provides a wonderful example of a life fully lived under this principle. His name was Barnabas and there are several lessons we …

The Hardest One To Forgive

God promises to forgive us of our sins, but we often have trouble forgiving ourselves, so how can we learn to forgive ourselves when we are consumed with guilt?

There are so many Bible verses on forgiveness that it is hard to select only a few, but here are some of the most powerful ones that I could find. One of these verses I’ve memorized because of what it means to me, but later, I found this verse gives comfort to those who feel they’ve committed some “unpardonable sin.” Its 1 John 1:9 which reads, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I have memorized this verse because I frequently have to remind people who are so overly burdened with guilt that they believe that God cannot forgive them. They feel they’ve committed sins so grievous that even God cannot forgive them, but what they’re doing is placing their feelings over facts. They trust what they feel instead of trusting what they read, an…

Angry Women and Passive Men

Angry Women and Passive Men By Dr. James Dobson The problem has its origins in childhood, long before a young man and woman stand at the altar to say, "I do." For her part, the girl is taught subtly by her culture that marriage is a lifelong romantic experience; that loving husbands are entirely responsible for the happiness of their wives; that a good relationship between a man and woman should be sufficient to meet all needs and desires; and that any sadness or depression that a woman might encounter is her husband's fault. At least, he has the power to eradicate it if he cares enough. In other words, many American women come into marriage with unrealistically romantic expectations which are certain to be dashed. Not only does this orientation set up a bride for disappointment and agitation in the future; it also places enormous pressure on her husband to deliver the impossible. Unfortunately, the man of the house was taught some misconceptions in his formative years, t…

No Christ Jesus!

I am unconcerned whether you like this or not but it is the TRUE gospel handed down from our early church fathers. It's true there are religions that call this EASY BELIEVIESM. It is NOT. Everyone is NOT going to heaven! Yes, heaven exists! The price to get in is BLOOD. Not yours, but HIS! Jesus said HE is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE and no man will see the Father except through Him! 

Sometimes we allow the enemy to speak to our minds to put ourselves in prison over our mistakes, but God, our Father sees that His Son Jesus fulfilled the whole law in that we were unable to do so for ourselves. His sacrifice, the word of God says, was made once for all (who would believe). Read the prayer in John 17 that Jesus himself prayed for us! He will never abandon His own! We are kept by His Spirit until the day of redemption-SEALED like an envelope from King of Kings! It is unlawful in this world to break a king's seal, neither we nor Satan has the power or authority to break His sea…