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What's In A Name-Does It Really Matter?

NATIVE American Indians were very specific about names. Sometimes a name may be derived from an event that happened at the time of birth, something they saw, or an event in one of the parents. Other cultures do something very similar. God's name is not only based on His power, His Authority, and His Omniscience but who He really is to all who call upon His name...

The Names of God and Why They Matter BY DAVID JEREMIAH Knowing God by His personal names is one of the greatest privileges for followers of Christ. The word God is found throughout the Bible, but the Lord reveals Himself more personally through the names with which He introduces Himself in Scripture. These names help us when we address Him in prayer. Just as we want to call people by the right term or name, so we want to address God with appropriate wisdom and reverence whenever we pray. I’ve put together a survey of some of the amazing names that tell us in personal terms who our God is and what He is like. These specia…

This Is No Time To Go Wobbly

From Dr. James Dobson:
I would like to tell you about an experience Shirley and I had while visiting the cultural centers of Europe about 20 years ago. One of the cities that we toured was Berlin, Germany. I have been fascinated since I was a child with World War II and what made the adults around me so fearful. I have wondered in the ensuing years how highly educated and intelligent Germans could have been so corrupted and deceived by the propaganda that lay the foundation for tyranny. It is still difficult to comprehend how so many Christian churches with their good people fell prey to the lies screamed by Adolf Hitler and his evil cohorts. Even before he revealed his murderous intentions, they stood with their arms and hands extended, cheering rabidly for a man who was to become one of the most ruthless dictators in world history.

I searched for an understanding of the processes that led to torchlight parades, book burning, racial hatred, mass killings of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, homose…