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Bible Prophecy, Blood Moon Eclipses, and the Tribulation in General

Overheard conversation: "PROPHECY! There so many versions of Biblical prophecies that I just can't keep up, some say, why even bother what will be will be."Pardon me while I step into some dangerous territory folks. Do you know that there were 353 prophecies concerning Jesus's coming and in that one man/God 300 prophecies were fulfilled! (that is a separate teaching for those interested)

I have heard and read so many things by so many pastors, theologians, and TV preachers. First, I would like to say that like it or not the Bible is ONE-THIRD eschatology! That means the teaching of "LAST THINGS." 

I even heard the so-called America's pastor, Rick Warren, say "Jesus was far more interested in evangelism and missions than prophecy!” wrote Warren. “We should be too! Instead of teaching about “last things” Jesus changed the subject. Jesus essentially said ‘IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS to figure out the future. INSTEAD I want you to go and be witnesses to t…