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Finding Intimacy After Abuse

OK you find that you have married a controlling and abusive individual who will not see themselves for what they are. In most cases they can rarely be helped by psychological or even Biblical Counseling, though a few have. You find you had to leave the marriage in order to become WHOLE again. But you find the struggle for WHOLENESS almost impossible because of all the verbal and emotional abuse heaped on you. You wonder over and over how did I end up in this mess anyway? You tell yourself, all I wanted was a happy life and family with someone who would love me just for me. All I wanted was intimacy with a loving individual. You ask yourself, will I ever be whole again? Will I find my true self and the meaning for my existence besides someone's verbal punching bag?

The human desire for intimacy, for intimate love, drives us to do things that we never thought we would. We find reasons to be with someone who can never return the love we want to share. Our reasoning process without s…

They Make You and Those You Love Believe You Are Crazy!

This may seem like a rehash of my other blogs but I assure that this is a real eye-opener for many women who wonder if they are the crazy, uncaring ones in their home. Joanne Armstrong is one very brave lady who has stepped forward to talk about the things her abuser has done. She is now divorced and finally free (her words). She authors a book called In Sheep's Clothing.Her goal is to help women everywhere identify abuse, leave their co-dependency behind, and find freedom to be who they are in Christ. I will present her material in three or four parts. Any of you who are living with an abuser will readily identify with hers.
Joanne Armstrong writes this to help women identify an abusive relationship:

An abusive person is a controlling person. Where there is control, there is abuse. If you are married to a man who is an abuser, it is more like a father/daughter relationship rather th…

Denial is a Funny, Terrible Thing

Well, I just found this in my private mail and I have to confess that I am heart-broken! There are women out there who have been through this very same scenario and have had to stuff down their feelings and frustrations in order to create the perfect picture of a happy family. I am only going to print part of this because some it is very personal. I pray that those of you who are Christian leaders in your churches will realize this is all to common in churches today that place PERFORMANCE OVER FAITH AND LOVE! SHAME ON YOU CHURCHES, PASTORS, ELDERS AND SO-CALLED SHEPHERDS IN THE HOME! Jesus spoke His anger at injustice.  He spoke plainly and labeled the behavior of those who perverted or twisted in any way God's love and His will! There are abusers in your churches and women who need your protection! THESE PERPETRATORS OF EVIL MUST BE KNOWN FOR WHAT THEY ARE. THE ABUSE MUST STOP NOW!
This is an exerpt of a letter from someone I will call Debbie A:
We looked like the ideal conserva…