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Gov. Rick Perry: The truth about 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle

I'm pretty sick about the latest writings that defame Marcus Lutrell and Chris Kyle. Jackasses like Michael Moore and others who write misleading articles about real American heroes who do the things for us we wouldn't do for ourselves do not deserve recognition. Their lies should not even be given merit. It is almost always a case of misrepresentation and shoddy journalism. They practice revisionist history based on the words of a dissenter or an enemy of that person and call it journalism. It's a sad fact that American is now in decline because of our penchant for being self-serving and defaming those who gave their all even to the cowardly ungrateful. Thank God there are still men of honor who are willing to stand up for right, no matter how unpopular in a culture praising perversions and calling it heroic.
Rick Perry: The truth about 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle  by Gov. Rick Perry

Despite the hi…

Messy Faith

OK I know this blog is supposed to be written by me but once again Pastor Ray Pritchard has come up with a topic I can't pass up. From a Christian standpoint the world is in a real mess, especially the US under the idiotic regime at the top! I'm gonna get camel knees praying for those fools. Fortunately we still have some states fighting back...reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah. I know that no one likes to be preached at and I am not doing that. I do believe the Bible and I believe in an afterlife that consists of two ways to go, heaven or hell. Jesus died for all of us, but we must believe what he did is because God the Father had a plan for the salvation of mankind all along-through Jesus Christ. The story doesn't end with his death, because HE is ALIVE and HE IS LORD. He was in creation, He is eternal, He is our Saviour. My desire is that everyone who reads this realizes that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. I want all who read this to be counted in as believers…

How Faith Grows

Today's blog is a copy from my pastoral friend Ray Pritchard. His sermon addresses one of the most important areas of our Christian walk...sometimes a crawl...other times a sprint. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. Ray is a very human pastor and makes no bones about his vulnerability to the world, the flesh, and they devil, but his walk with Christ is impeccable. My friends we all struggle in these three areas but our faith must grow in order to serve the Jesus we profess to love.

I have placed this in segments on the published page because there are specific areas that you may want to copy and put somewhere on your computer, phone, or tablet where memory serves you best.

How Faith GrowsJames 2:21-24
A few days ago I posted the following quote as my Good Words for Today:If my love for Jesus never leads me to take a risk, how much do I really love him? If my faith never causes me to do things that make no sense to others, including my Christian friends, perhaps I’m playing it t…