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A World Without A Conscience

I'm losing readers faster than the time it takes a rabbit to jump from hole to hole, but if that is the cost of telling the truth and lifting up our God before the world then so be it. Friends, we are world in trouble. We have invited the enemy of our souls to feast on us any time he feels like it. We have put God on the shelf, walked away from doing right, and marched to the tune the enemy of our soul would play. He's laughing! He knows that he has us in the palm of his hand because we are ashamed but don't want to admit or allow anyone to see it. We idolize the wrong things, when we think no one is looking we lie cheat, steal, commit acts that we normally would not. We have become a world without conscience:

5 Must-Haves to Porn-Proof Our Marriages By JT Waresak Watch. Resolve. Share. I grew up in an era where the prevailing thought was, "You can look as long as you don't touch." Sadly, this was the "manly motto" that most boys heard as they matured…


Dear Ex-Friends I think the last civil conversations we had occurred just days before November 8, 2016. You were supremely confident Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election; you voted for her with glee. As a lifelong Republican, I bit down hard and cast my vote for Donald Trump. Then the unimaginable happened. He won.
And you lost your freaking minds. I knew you would take the loss hard—and personally—since all of you were super jacked-up to elect the first woman president. But I did not imagine you would become totally deranged, attacking anyone who voted for Trump or supported his presidency as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic Nazi-sympathizer. The weirdness started on social media late on Election Night, as it became clear Hillary was going to lose. A few of you actually admitted that you were cradling your sleeping children, weeping, wondering what to tell your kindergartner the next morning about Trump’s victory. It continued over the next several days. Som…

Forgetting How We Got Where We Are

Seen on a friend's post on Facebook:

We’ve all heard the old football tale about the coach who gathers his new recruits together in the locker room, holds up a pigskin, and declares: “Men, this is a football.” Sometimes, in any endeavor, it’s necessary to start at the very beginning. Sometimes it’s essential to relearn and reaffirm the most basic fundamentals. Sometimes, whether it’s building a marriage, constructing a skyscraper, or founding a nation, it is imperative to remember and re-embrace the bedrock truths on which those things must be solidly based if they are to stand secure. The consequences of ignoring this simple principle was once sadly expressed in the words on a hand-written sign taped on the front window of a company that was closing its doors forever. The sign read: “WE HAVE GONE OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE WE FORGOT WHAT OUR BUSINESS WAS.” Why was America founded? What purpose was it intended to fulfill? Why does it still exist today? What if it no longer fulfills …

Our Culture Makes Men Look Like Fools

Now understand something right away. There are men who are as foolish as their wives, girlfriends and mothers make them out to be. I'm talking about Narcissistic men who only care about one thing-themselves and how everything affects them. However, the women's liberation culture of the 60s and today has done everything possible to neutralize men. Fortunately there are still men who will not bend to the stupidity of the current women's movement but I am concerned about the Millennial generation and those that follow:

Dear Friends,

Last month my letter was dedicated to a celebration of Mother's Day on May 13. I hope you had a chance to read it. This being June, we'll swing to the other half of the equation to take a look at Father's Day. I want to deal with what is happening to men within the culture at large.

Have you noticed that the "women's movement," as it is now called, has again declared all-out war on men? It is pervasive and comes in the fo…

Mark #17: The Wisdom to Deal With Failure (Taken from: Marks of Maturity)

Mark #17: The Wisdom to Deal With Failure (Taken from: Marks of Maturity)

Moral Failure-let that word sink in for a minute! For a Christian believer I don't think there is anything worse feeling than realizing you have failed the Lord Jesus in your human behavior. I know what it feels like and I know the hurt and shame that come with it. Is that the end? Are we doomed to the repercussions of failure for the rest of our lives? The following is by a very brave man named J. Hampton Keathley III, who was diagnosed with cancer in August 2001 and went on to be with the Lord in August 2002. He was a 1966 graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and a former pastor of 28 years. In August of 2001 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and on August 29th, 2002 he went home to be with the Lord. 

Hampton wrote many articles for the Biblical Studies Foundation and on occasion taught New Testament Greek at Moody Bible Institute, Northwest Extension for External Studies in Spokane, Washington.


6 Qualities of an Encouraging Parent

6 Qualities of an Encouraging Parent By Dr. Eric Scalise What is encouragement and why is it so essential for maintaining healthy marriages and families. Encouragement represents positive influence, to literally give courage to someone—not waiting until it's deserved or asked for, but taking initiative when things are difficult and uncertain. There are many synonyms one could use: to give support, confidence or hope to another; to hearten, cheer, uplift, inspire, motivate, vitalize, embolden, or rally. The impact can be far reaching and often makes a difference when relationships begin to falter. Even the neuroscience gives credence to this dynamic. Criticism and negativity release harmful stress hormones, inhibit concentration, diminish the brain's executive functioning, and tend to create knee-jerk reactions vs. calm and rational thinking.

The Bible provides a wonderful example of a life fully lived under this principle. His name was Barnabas and there are several lessons we …