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Soul For Rent

Very few places for rent stay vacant for long. Eventually the rent price will meet the fair market price for rentals or someone's budget and somebody will move in. I have seen literal filth and desolation houses for rent that people moved into because the price fit their budget-which was very small. In the same way we can rent ourselves out to the highest bidder. I won't say sell because often we think we can back away from anything that really causes harm to ourselves. However, that usually backfires, it almost always too late to go another direction. So the soul of person, that part of them that makes up who he/she may be is rarely vacant for long. Something we take upon ourselves will come in and move us one direction or another. 
I have known people who have never stolen until they got desperate, and I have known prisoners who had never murdered until a desperate situation arose where they felt justified to commit murder. I'm not talking about self-defense! We have a …

Is the Bible Silent on Narcissistic Behavior?

Some time ago I was criticized by a pastor for my stand on telling men/women to leave a Narcissist husband/wife rather than deal with the constant barrage of lies and manipulations and endure more abuse. The church, Protestant and Catholic, has been turning a blind eye toward abuse in the home and even to the point of blaming the victim who has reached out for help. In some churches if you leave your spouse, you are condemned to the fires of hell...that is a downright LIE! Having studied theology, marriage and family and other counseling techniques extensively in bible college and the seminaries I attended and graduated from...there is only ONEUNPARDONABLE SIN AND DIVORCE WAS NOT IT! God is not myopic and He does SEE EVERYTHING! IF you are a woman in a church that will not help you in leaving your abuser, then leave that church! There are pastors who are now willing to run the risk of helping and refer you to counselors that will help you deal with the TRAUMA that has been a HUGE PART…