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So What Is Wrong With The Book and Movie The Shack?

The book The Shack and the movie are really not just sweet little stories of anger management from a Christian perspective. It is much worse than that! Even though the author professes to be a theologian he is not a theologian, instead he chose worldly philosophy in his book. He proposes new, postmodern theology to solve the world's problems, ie, gender identity, anger, world views on religion, etc., ad nausem! Postmodern theology follows this pattern: 1) gather thoughts and experiences from life; 2) review other thoughts and experiences that have been formed into theological constructions in the past (i.e., the Bible); 3) deconstruct these past theologies and retain what resonates with current thoughts and experiences; 4) develop an emerging theology; 5) test it with “the community”; 6) repeat the process. In short, let modern thought and ideas replace old theological constructs so that we are more in harmony with the way the gospel should work to our way of thinking.

So, if…