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Narcissist Hell!

Before you read this I would like to admit I cried a few tears. I really didn't think I was so vulnerable to pain in others. I don't know this woman but I think I know someone like her to a degree. I hurt for this woman for reasons I won't go into but it truly hurts. There are so many others, men and women who have experienced this HELL that is described here. Please be careful with your life. Every time I hear of a man or woman being abused, used, beaten down verbally I feel anger and rage. Sometimes the plight of someone in this kind of agony is too much to bear. I won't go to prison for the wrong someone does to another unless it is legal to do so. Here is the real crux of the matter-our choices in life. Remember this: In spite of the craziness that feminists are spouting, not every man or woman is bad news. There really exists love that can last a lifetime. However, the wrong choices in the heat of the moment can have devastating effects that may last your whole li…

We Are All Big, Fat Liars.

According to the bookThe Day America Told the Truth, we are a nation of liars:

86% lie regularly to their parents.
75% lie to their friends.
73% lie to their siblings.
69% lie to their spouses.
43% lie about their jobs.

Yes, I am copying Pastor Ray Pritchard's blog, why? He tells the truth here. Just a few years ago I decided I would post and say what I believe even if it costs me my friends and readers. It is important to be up front with each other and I would rather people treat me the same way. Even little "white lies" are still lies and God abhors it. Even if you are angry about the title and what I wrote here at the top please read this:

Ray Pritchard
Keep Believing Ministries
Shawnee, Kansas

Stop Swearing!
James 5:12
We are all big, fat liars.

I ran across that statement in an article with a provocative title: 60% of People Can't Go 10 Minutes Without Lying. It begins this way:
“There are two things you can say for sure about human beings: our opposable thumbs make us grea…