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God Exists: Potent Evidence & Proof that Refute the Atheists

Christians who are involved in the struggle to discuss God on the Internet are constantly being bombarded with atheistic rhetoric, bad science called evolution, and so-called LOGIC to refute FAITH. Worse, there is a move to have Christians labeled as MENTALLY ILL for their naive beliefs. It is not that there isn't a lack of material that soundly refutes atheism but the material requires real focus and thought and let's face it...most Christians are too lazy to put that much effort into learning how to refute atheism! The Bible commands us to give an account for the hope that is in us, therefore we must take knowledge seriously. I encourage every believer to get the book A Manual For Converting Atheist by Mike Robinson. It doesn't mean they will convert because they are as blind as they accuse us of being, but at least you will have taken away their thunder!
I Peter 3:15 New American Standard Bible 
but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being  ready to make a defe…

Alone Again-Naturally...but God, It's Christmas

There are so many things to consider at Christmas. Did we buy all the gifts that needed to be wrapped and those sent on time? Is the house ready to receive company? Have we got everything we need for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner? What should we wear to church on Christmas Eve? Should we go out to dinner after church or just go home and have an intimate family many things to consider! 

What if there is no we? Or worse what if there is no we and no money to have Christmas? You hope that never happens to you but it does happen to so many...and do we give it a second thought? It doesn't take too much to end up alone or even penniless. A tragedy here and there, age, loss of loved ones by death or just separation and family differences, time is not always kind. Our lives don't always go as we expect!

I can remember helping others at Christmas that were less fortunate than me. I also remember not helping at times because I just didn't feel up to it. I heard…


last week I got a series of messages from a woman in Indiana who reads my posts regularly. She said that the Holiday Season is the worst time of all for her. She is normally the "go-to girl" for gifts for the family, but she is on a strict budget and if she goes over budget usually a tirade of her incompetence follows...unless she is willing to trade his anger for sex-his way! If she says no, the kids will suffer because he will not want to do family things because he is unhappy. He will give her the silent treatment or make embarrassing innuendo at family functions over the holidays. Even if she gives in to the sex it will never be enough, he will only want more in various ways to soothe his angst. 
"Ted there is no way to win. I have grown to despise him every time he uses me this way, but what choice do I have if I want the family to enjoy Christmas? I am in a dark pit trying to act like I am happy. I am dying to tell someone that I need help. Friends and family canno…

Satan, Your Enemy, Will Always Find Someone To Call You A Loser!

LOSER! You are nothing but a loser! Have you ever heard someone call you that? Did you believe it? Or how about this phrase: You know, because you do this, you are not much of a Christian. You call yourself a Christian but I don't see it when you do this...
Usually that person hates themselves, what they are inside under the veneer they portray to those around them. They bully to make themselves feel better, superior. They will lie, cheat, hate, and do all within their power to make others miserable, all the while knowing what they really are and hiding under a veneer of a NICE GUY! They will lie to you, about you all the while appearing as a friend, a mate, a relative, you name it. They live what they think are secret lives. They might convince others to believe them, but only for a while because they are miserable individuals with miserable lives and it will show through eventually. Romans 12:19 says:Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for i…