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A NARCISSIST is simply a master manipulator in word and deed, and their weapons are denial, playing the martyr to gain sympathy, division, control, accusations, pathological lying, verbal slander, crazy-making, physical harm to include threating gestures, gas-lighting, etc.. They are not capable of truly loving, but they can use love like gestures to get what they want. They plan carefully the GAME they play. The goal is trample or at least manage everyone that they deem as a threat to their extreme insecurities. They have a facade of confidence and superiority to fool anyone as to who they are. They are hopelessly delusional. They are always right, always the one to admire, and as poisonous as any terrible serpent you could run across. Imagine a sometimes benevolent, but sadistic dictator. They feed you niceties but are actually planning the next trick to strip you of your humanity and dignity.The Narcissist gives you just enough nice to keep you on a hook, but denies you access to r…