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Trusting God In The Dark

I would imagine that everyone goes through a dark time in their life. Some may even call out to God in the hope of being delivered immediately from their circumstances. Often times the situation may even seem to get worse and we begin to feel forgotten or worse, forsaken by God. The Psalmist here takes his great sorrow to God and he even goes so far as to say "Consider my plight Lord lest I sleep the sleep of death!

Dire circumstances and it seems all is dark and there is no forthcoming light, but the beginning of miracle is being conceived. Angry at the enemy of his soul, David stiffens his resolve to trust the Lord says "Lest the enemy of soul should finally say, as the enemy hoped to say with Job, I have prevailed over him. Lest my foes rejoice in my sad condition...nevertheless I will trust in your steadfast love Oh God! The greatest gift God has given us through His Son is salvation when we do finally pass from all the turmoil and triumphs of this life if we rejoice in …

A Pastor's Outlook On Prayer And Those Who Pray

OK this is why I feel this needs to blogged...I pray for many things but I realize as much as I pray I kind of do a disservice to God in that some of my prayers could be better structured and wider ranging. All I am asking any reader to do is just take this to heart and see if something needs changing in your prayer life:

Boiling Prayers
James 5:16-18
Pastor Ray Pritchard

We face two dangers whenever we talk about prayer. We can make prayer seem so difficult that only the “super-Christians” can pray effectively while the rest of us just muddle along. Sometimes the stories we tell about saints who spent hours on their knees crying out to God end up discouraging us because we’re busy and tired and the kids are wearing us out and our job is a hassle and life feels like a burden, so even if Luther prayed two hours every morning, that was a long time ago, and he’s been dead for almost 500 years.

You know what I mean.
It’s easy to get intimidated about prayer.

Or we can go to the opposite e…