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Yes Virginia Marital Rape is Real And It Damages YOU!

I have an email from someone known as Virginia. She is a Christian and thought her husband was a Christian-at least he attended church and was taught by her then denomination that the woman basically has no rights when it comes to obedience and sex within marriage. She has since changed denominations in another state and he has quit attending church. It has taken her several years now to work through that cultic teaching, but she is on a journey of recovery. The terrible thing was that for several years after divorcing she felt obligated to stay in contact with her abusive spouse and he constantly made her re-live her guilt feelings. The trauma of spousal rape took years to recover from as she was constantly told by family and her abuser that she was under obligation by God to be a dutiful wife and return to her abusive spouse. "It's strange in that he wasn't always cruel. He mostly became cruel when we disagreed, but he was constantly insistent that I give him my body on…