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Collapsed Narcissists

There are monsters among us who sap our strength, make us feel like we are to blame for all their shortcomings, feed us abuse in the name of constructive criticism, make us feel inferior to them, and worst of are sexually sick and demanding. If we don't please them or worship they let us know what a terrible person we are:

A narcissistic, egocentric, grandiose blame shifter who fails to value or appreciate human traits like kindness, goodwill, or emotional sensitivity to other people’s needs while being fiercely envious of happy people, their goal is to target those they simultaneously envy and despise.
Their overwhelming sense of POOR ME coupled with Cartman’s style “I do what I WANT!” contemptuous arrogance cannot be denied. The following article is presented here for academic purposes of evaluation. Please be sure to take a moment to visit the content producer’s website to check out their advertising and related content. When engaging in the study of Narcissistic Abuse recovery met…

Actions...NOT WORDS, Earn Trust!

In a relationship, whether with a child, your spouse, your love relationship, etc., actions are everything. You can say all the "I love yous" till Jesus comes back, but those are only words that need action to back them up. If you promise something KEEP YOUR PROMISES no matter what. ACTIONS EARN TRUST-NOT WORDS! I can't stress this enough. If you can't demonstrate wisely by your actions what you proclaim to feel then you probably don't really know the truth about what you want or believe. 
Be careful how you act because some actions can be misinterpreted. I'm not saying we need to walk on eggshells but how we act and what we say matters to those we do things to or say things to. Do not give place to temptation the pain you will suffer will be worse than you imagine...TRUTH! (Please hear me on this-it is vital to your spiritual life)

By Dr. James Dobson March 21, 2018

The surest way to build trust in a marriage or a relationship is through your actions. Build a r…

6 Memes About Narcissism

»Health»Mental Health»Personality Disorders 6 Memes About Narcissism and the Lessons You Should Learn From Them Updated on February 12, 2017 Kim Bryan
 more Tennessee-based freelance writer with a passion for true crime, a thirst for knowledge, and an obsession with lists. Contact Author One internet meme says, "Narcissism is the only disease who everyone else suffers and the sick one gets left alone."

Sounds about right.
Source Most experts agree narcissism is created from a traumatic event or series of events during the early years of life (whether it's the first two or three years or more, is highly debated) and actual narcissism - not to be mistaken for borderline personality which presents with narcissistic traits, is considered incurable. As a matter of fact, many therapists refuse to treat someone they believe to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder as they find it results in nothing much more than a challenge for the narcissist's manipulation skills. Un…

MEN! Do You Live This Before Your Family?

Dr. Dobson's March Newsletter
March Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Soon you and I will celebrate the most important holiday (literally, "holy day") on the Christian calendar. Easter is not primarily a secular observance designed to usher in the warmth of spring. Nor is it simply a day for children to hide eggs and overindulge eating chocolate bunnies. Despite modern culture's attempts to reinvent this day of celebration, Easter is, at its heart, the Christian commemoration of Christ's death, and, three days later, His emergence from the tomb, and all of the freedom and victory that those events entail. The resurrection is the historical marker that lies at the center of everything we believe, and within it is found the promise of eternal life for believers in Jesus Christ.

This good news provides the only satisfactory explanation for why we're here and where we're going. The final heartbeat for the Christian is not the mysterious conclusion to a meaningless exi…