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Daniel 6 click on it

I dare you to open the Bible above to Daniel 6. Daniel, chapter 6 is a story about a faithful man, also about a man who became steadfast. I want to talk to you about that today, Daniel 6. Let's pray before I get to the meat of this word:

Pray/read this with me-
Lord, as I write this it staggers me to realize that you know every single thing about every single one of those who read this-AND ME. You know our deepest hurts, you know our greatest joys, you are aware of the things that bother us, things that concern us. You know every sin we have ever committed. You know the good, the bad, and the dark, deep, ugly that we hide.

Father, some of us go to a service and we focus and we think on really the wrong things, superficial things, things we may like or not like, when really a worship service is all about you, the One we're worshiping. So now help everyone direct their thoughts, Lord, toward …