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Abusive Relationships: Devil You Know vs. The Devil You Don’t

Something bothers me...something I never got a real hold on when I was a pastor/counselor...why do abused women stay in abusive relationships? I have heard all the answers, and it all boils down to fear of the unknown and fear of their mate. How can the unknown be scarier than a miserable life with a miserable abuser? Anyway here is Kellie Jo Holly and I highly recommend her site to those of you who are getting the idea all is not right in Camelot?
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In abusive relationships, the devil you know seems better than the devil you don’t. We go back and forth over leaving ourabusive mate, wobbling between fear of them and fear of the unknown. It’s a tricky balancing act, especially when our partner seems to know just when to put on their nice mask. The sweet phases of an abusive relationship add to the confusion and indecision about justwhat kindof devil we know. What kind of devil can be so sweet one minute and so nasty the next? And why can they act …