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Only Jesus Can Give You Spiritual Sight!

The following opening is from Pastor Stephen Cole, pastor of Lake Gregory Community Church, in Crestline, CA. Stephen is a graduate Dallas Theological Seminary-so I already admire his persistence and great sermonizing. A good pastor has a difficult row to hoe. If you are really, a good pastor not everyone in your church is going to like what you have to say! Why? Because even in our churches the spiritually blind abound. This is a long blog so before you start prepare yourself to read the whole blog if you are really interested in having spiritual sight to guide you through life. 

We’ve all heard “good news, bad news” jokes. Here are a couple aimed at me as a pastor (from

Good News: The Women’s Guild voted to send you a get-well card.

Bad News: The vote passed 31-30.

Good News: Church attendance rose dramatically the last three weeks.

Bad News: You were on vacation.

Luke 9 gives us good news and bad news, but it’s not a joke. It’s deadly serious! The best possible news is: J…

The Fiery Trials Of Life

Have you ever been accused of things you really didn't do but someone made people believe you did? Now those that were told of your supposed wrong want nothing to do with you and you hurt inside desperately. Have you ever lost something or someone precious to you and you felt nothing but angry at the world, at God, because you just didn't deserve it? Now you desperately wish those things or that person could be restored to you. Have you ever been fired unjustly? The panic of not knowing what will happen next sets in or how you will feed your family, or will you be able to recoup your loses? Finally and just as important, have you ever done something really wrong and thought you got away with it? 

I've been in these scenarios and most people have. There is something I have got to tell you...something so important the rest of your life depends on you hearing me. GOD IS LIKE A REFINING FIRE! Things happen to us for seemingly no reason. Or we do things we deeply regret but hope…

Sane People Want To Know" Why Isn't Hillary Clinton in Jail?

OK I held off long enough talking about this last election and all the idiocy that has been produced out of it. I have never seen such a divided America, nor such pure hatred for all things conservative from the Left. Not that I care about all the vitriol from them because I have found all their arguments to be in the realm of the ridiculous. However, we have had some substantially hard divisions since the Reagan era. The liberal press has fed most of it. College professors and high schools have fed their lies as well, but now it is even down to the kindergarten level. How do I know that...from kindergarten teachers! Families are divided as well. Many can't even talk to each other without a firestorm erupting. So much of it over a well known FOOL like Hillary Clinton.

At least consider this:

She said a few months ago that she feels safe enough to “come out of the woods,” exactly the time for a Trump administration special prosecutor to launch a broadside.

Mentally strong people do…