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Perspective On The Evil Of Spousal Abuse-A Confessional

The hardest thing in the world is to get abused women to realize that the men they married who abuse them have taken on an EVIL HEART! Having done it myself to some degree because of frustration and a bad relationship with my own dad, I am very aware of the evil it takes to make someone realize they have no power to save themselves from your torment. While I have finally realized some years ago my sins and the evil of perpetrating them on someone helpless to defend themselves; except for the grace and forgiveness of God alone loving me into that realization, I would remain just as evil. My failures were great, but my future is filled with hope because I am so aware of the evil behind abuse whether verbal or physical. Can a man change who abuses...yes! Will church attendance and reading the Bible help him change...more than likely NOT! It can make an abuser realize how short they fall, change requires real repentance and real repentance requires knowing you have to totally change-and …