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EMOTIONAL ABUSE! THE MARRIAGE DEAL BREAKER!I see it more than I have ever seen it! It is a sickness that permeates our society. I keep hearing on Christian radio how divorce is the biggest threat to the American society...well I have news for them. The biggest threat I see is men, so called Christian and otherwise who abuse their families to the point of causing divorce and sometimes even death of their spouse. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach, and the church is silent about spousal abuse even to the point of forcing women by using scripture taken out of context to maintain a marriage with an ABUSER!SHAME ON YOU PASTORS!!! The Lord never intended for women to suffer abuse at the hands of their COVENANT PARTNERS. He would never force them to remain in a struggle that could cost them and their children their lives. Just because a man is not always violent does not mean he is not capable of killing to get his way. If he is violent once and does not get long term care-HE WILL DO IT…

The Value of Suffering by Sue Bolin

Nothing needed to add to this article please read the preivious blog as well... by Sue Bolin, Probe Ministries
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There is no such thing as pointless pain in the life of the child of God. How this has encouraged and strengthened me in the valleys of suffering and pain! In this essay I'll be discussing the value of suffering, an unhappy non-negotiable of life in a fallen world.
Suffering Prepares Us to Be the Bride of Christ
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Among the many reasons God allows us to suffer, this is my personal favorite: it prepares us to be the radiant bride of Christ. The Lord Jesus has a big job to do, changing His ragamuffin church into a glorious bride worthy of the Lamb. Ephesians 5:26-27 tells us He is making us hol…

God Is Supposed To Be A Good God...WHY AM I IN SO MUCH PAIN?

I have a close friend, who co-authors a book with me, whose Christian mother is suffering terribly from pain unlike many I have seen in the same predicament. She has lived through a torturous, loveless, marriage, botched surgery after a car accident, extreme Fibromyalgia and now basically bed-ridden by an auto-immune disorder that threatens her life daily. I know that I have prayed and others I have asked to pray. I know her family prays for her, but it seems no relief is in sight. She has been to multiple doctors and had various diagnosis but no relief in sight. Has God abandoned her? No! We don't understand THE WHY some suffer and others are healed, but GOD is in the midst of both the healed and the suffering!
This is probably the biggest question, and the biggest obstacle to trusting God, in Christianity. It's a legitimate question, and it deserves a thoughtful answer that honors the amount of pain attached to it. A powerful, believing woman wrote some of this article. Her n…

Hey Christian! Guess What Porn Does To The Brain?

Hey Christian! Guess What Porn Does To The Brain???

Most recreational reading young people do is not where you think. In fact, most recreational reading for busy adults is not where you think. It is in a small room with a sink and a bathtub/shower as they unload their internal burdens. Because that was true where I lived I started leaving what I considered important reading next to the "john." It was titled Lessons To Take A Dump With! Here is one of them:

This contribution is from Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church

This is a rather frank post on porn, so proceed, or not, with that in mind.

Porn is a problem. Once it has a hold on you cannot quit on your own! It permeates the brain and becomes an #addiction. It's a personal problem for many and a cultural problem for all. You may think you have not been affected by porn, but you have because it's embedded in the surrounding culture. The staggering size of the pornography industry, its influence upon the media a…