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Is Your Husband Demanding or Commanding Respect?

Every leader wants to be respected. But respect is something that has to be freely given by your followers. You can’t demand it, you can only command it, earn it.
Not getting respect is frustrating, especially by those who may perceive this as an attack on their leadership, a personal affront even. They will often respond by demanding respect, mostly based on the fact that they have a certain position (‘I am the leader of this household so I make the decisions, not you’) REALLY? You call yourself the leader but only by position you think is automatically granted you by the Bible or your church. I think the best way to determine what leadership looks like is by looking at Jesus himself. You see, you husbands that demand respect have in fact shown immature and inadequate leadership! You heard me right! Real leaders don’t have to demand it because they have earned it.

I served under a young lieutenant in the Army who never once told us to do something that he would not or had not done hims…

A Poem To An Abuser 2017

I decided to start the New Year with helping men and women understand how terrible abuse within marriage really is. There are other subjects that need to be covered but right now I choose to focus on you, the abused that are afraid to do anything about it! Some time ago I decided to take up the cause of spousal abuse and spousal rape in Christian homes! Why? Because it is happening all over the world and is even sanctioned by cultic sects and even overlooked by some mainstream churches and pastors. These churches teach men every scripture about the woman's role in being submissive but the miss the real importance of a man's role as being Christ in the home. It is, in fact, Pharisaic Legalism! Jesus never condoned legalism! To this type of cowardly man, sex and dominance in the home is everything in the relationship, not love.

The poem below is a testament to just how crippling abuse, whether physical or emotional, can be. It truly takes a cowardly fool to abuse your covenant p…