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Thanksgiving By Lessons In The Furnace Of Life

I Googled this question this morning and thought about it as I drove around today:
How many times is the word “thanksgiving” mentioned in the Bible?

That all depends on the Bible translation being used. Here are some answers
Version                                 Number of times
King James Version               30
New International Version   32
New English Translation       29
English Standard Version     38
New Living Translation        31

Yes, I took the lazy man's way of getting to the answer. Thank you Rob J Hyndman for your answer. Why did I ask this question? This will be my third Thanksgiving alone. Through my own fault in many ways but still you ask yourself. "what do I do with me during this time? Why does it hurt so much? The answer to the pain of lonesomeness is simple, but not simple to arrive at. Give thanks to God for all things and in all things!

As I drove(I put on 160 miles total just driving today) I thought of all the events of my life that I could give thanks for. …

The Orthodoxy of Hell James 2:19

This isn't laziness, but instead a pastor/friend of mine posted an article that I think is relevant. I have met many "Christians" who think they can live like the world and still call themselves Christians...maybe some are and in the end the Holy Spirit will convict them to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. One thing I think that is really worth talking about is this: there will be many armchair and seminary theologians in hell! You see you can have all the scripture knowledge in the world, but without a real personal relationship with the Author of that is in vain! If you are the genuine article and think you can take a vacation from the agenda the Lord has for you I've got news for you...I've been there and God will not let you rest until you confess and repent of your idiocy and come back on the path He has laid out for you. "Hey Ted, what happened to eternally secure in are!" This doesn't change that! All I am s…