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False Guilt In The Believer
Written by Kerby Anderson
Probe Ministries
Introduction Have you ever felt guilty? Of course you have, usually because you were indeed guilty. But what about those times when you have feelings of guilt even when you didn't do anything wrong or were abused by your spouse or family and you acted out because of the misery they projected on you? We would call this false guilt, and that is the subject of this essay.

False guilt usually comes from an overactive conscience. You have been criticized most of your life and made to feel unworthy and an under-achiever. It's that badgering, pushing voice you have been married to, or grown up with ringing in our ears that becomes our conscience and  runs you and your self-image into the ground. It nags: "You call this acceptable? You think this is enough? Look at all you've not yet done! Look at all you have done that's not acceptable! You have a long way to go for approval you better get bus…