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Why is Codependency So Dangerous?

Well I had planned on doing a Part II to my blog but then I saw a blog that really addresses how codependency works on the unsuspecting! You see, codependency is devastating in it's reach into our identity. Those who would trap you into codependency are literally stealing your life from you!

Why is Codependency So Dangerous?
by Dr. Eric Andrews
Many people assume that codependency is a strictly passive condition, with the codependent only performing as a servant to the abuser/addict. In reality, codependency is a passive-aggressive condition, with the ABUSER/ENABLER controlling the addict through emotional and physical manipulation to include rage, violence, and threats demonstrating control. In an unhealthy relationship forged by codependency, the enabler/abuser needs the addict to remain unhealthy and dependent to maintain control. Depending on the type of abuser, they will try various means of remaining in control once the threat of loss of that control is apparent. Which is w…

How Can I Know If I Am Codependent?


"Codependency" is used to describe the condition where a person becomes the "caretaker" of an addicted or mentally troubled individual. The individual can be addicted to personality disorders such spousal or child abuse, alcohol, sex, drugs, or gambling.  Codependents can be this individual's spouse, lover, child, parent, sibling, coworker, or friend.

Codependency is not a word you would find in many dictionaries, nor is it a concept that is easy to define. Codependency has been described as an addiction, a disease, learned behaviors, a psychosocial condition, and a personality disorder. The term has been widely applied to define spouses of dysfunctional persons. More generally, codependency has been applied to individuals who suffer from constantly focusing on the needs and behaviors of others. Many professionals argue that individuals addicted to alcohol, work, food, narcissicism, sex, and shopping all suffer from the malady of codependency on the…