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What Is a Healthy Love Relationship?

I have been  examining love and marriage relationships since I lost a nearly 20 year relationship with a my first wife...if ever a couple could do it all wrong we did! Unfortunately it didn't stop there, the unhealthy dating  choices, motives, and ideas continued for more marriages. Bad Christian teaching contributed to quite a bit of should have been HEALTHY BIBLICAL TEACHING NOT SOME DENOMINATION'S IDEA OF HOW MARRIAGE OUGHT TO WORK! Well I have since discovered that I was not alone in failed relationships and that included some by very high profile Christian leaders. REAL  Christian relationships have very little excuse for failure if done correctly, however in spite of the fact that we have Jesus Christ as our example...there is a fly in the ointment-we are sinful people, with sinful wants and desires! Even the holiest of us is a sinner saved by GRACE ALONE! Am I saying because that is our born nature that we have license to sin, NO! Quite the contrary we are to re…

How to Use a Woman’s Faith & Trust to Make Her a Willing Accomplice to Her Own Abuse

I have read more articles about abuse of Christian women than probably even most so-called experts, but Vyckie really nailed it in her retort to Darcy Ingraham's ridiculous article. I read it too and wanted to puke. Theologically it is absolutely unsound! Morally it is disgusting, as it reduces an already traumatized and victimized woman to nothingness! There is nothing more ludicrous than suggesting a woman of God allow herself to be victimized over and over again by a malignant, sadistic, narcissistic, maniac. Frankly, when you are in a covenant relationship with a man or woman, there is nothing saying you have to put up with constant abuse. Yes, there are abuses that occur out of angry moments(NEVER PHYSICAL)! We are people and have a fallen nature that has be put to death, but that never meant you are allowed run roughshod over a person's feelings for your own kicks!!! Pardon me while I cheer Vyckie on...Go Vyckie GO!!! Three cheers for Quivering No More!

How to Use a Woma…