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When the Foundations are Destroyed

Well I have sat on the decision by the US Supreme Court for a few days, and prayed a ton! I'm seeing the fall of Rome repeated. Our very foundations are being shaken and toppled one by one. This isn't funny stuff and I am not a homophobe as I have been labled. God loves these people but He will not tolerate that which He has called an ABOMINATION from the Old Testament to the New. I am going to quote my friend and pastor, Ray Pritchard, on the fall of a great nation. We have bigger problems outside of our country that the FOOL in the White House should be solving instead of lighting up the White House in Gay Pride colors. I know this is controversial and I will lose readers but I would rather lose readers than sanction STUPIDITY and ARROGANCE in the face of GOD. All I ask my readers to do is read the whole sermon and decide for yourself what  you believe. Many of you will never see it God's way...however know this. God loves you and desires for you to follow His Son and be…