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Silence...the Key To Hearing God Speak To Our Spirit

I have heard so many people these days say "God never speaks to me, how do you dare believe He speaks to you?"

If you have never sat at a table in restaurant with someone talking on their cell phone, or sat with someone over breakfast, lunch or dinner that has to have the phone on so they can get the latest text, or sat at the table with someone you care very much about but they care more about their phone, then your experience is rare indeed!

I don't know about you but I yearn to hear so many things that God's Spirit could tell me. Things I might need to know about someone I need to pray for, or someone near that just needs encouragement. But I have a tendency to block out silence too. Vice President Mike Pence was recently berated by the "so-called ladies" on The View because he said God speaks to him. The View commenter said,  "he's an extremist a nut, I'm a Christian and I love Jesus but He doesn't tell me what to do!" What church do…

Prayer WORKS!

Dear Friends, 
I'm sure many of you have heard about the new movie entitled, Darkest Hour, nominated for both Best Picture and Best Actor at this year's Academy Awards. It depicts the account of Winston Churchill's improbable selection as the British Prime Minister at the beginning of World War II. This was a time when the world, including the American people, literally held their breath. The movie provides a deeply moving dramatization of this period in history, and, unfortunately, Darkest Hour failed to tell the most important part of the story. That is what my letter will address today. 
Let's go back 78 years to an era when the fate of millions of people in dozens of countries hung in the balance. It is described in a book by John Lukacs that I found fascinating–and deeply disturbing. The title of the book is Five Days in London (1). I think it is a must read for everyone interested in World War II, and it demonstrates how the Lord intervened at an incredibly diff…