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The Importance of Learning to Focus Our Lives

The last twenty months I have been asked several times by people responding to this blog, who have just worn themselves to frazzle, a nagging question. Their question comes down to this: "Why does life have to be so hard?" I see myself and others making really stupid decisions or no decisions and just accepting whatever comes from a lack of choosing wisely which way to go to find real joy in life. As I just said,  I have also been a victim of not choosing wisely and settling for less than God's best! I know what they are going through. We all do it! Are we victims? No, simply because we choose our life's direction based on various factors. We all, at some point in time, just decide to go with the flow rather than stand up and do what is right. We have enemies as believers, the world and it's influence, our own fleshly desires, and satan himself will place any obstacle he can to keep us preoccupied with bad decisions to set our lives on a path that glorifies God a…

Are You Embarrassed By The Unbelievable Miracles In The Bible?

Are they unbelievable? Do you ever feel like you would have to lose touch with reality when trying to believe some of the miracles of the Bible? Are you afraid of being labeled a moron by your secular friends outside of the church you attend. I mean, you can tell your little child about the miracles and they pretty much accept what they hear because you are the adult. But what happens when you try and explain it to your older school-aged child in this age of science and intellect? Does what you believe matter? If you are a Christian, how can you possibly accept the unexplainable and help others understand that miracles that were commonplace throughout the Bible are not commonplace today...or is that true? What about the extreme sexual norms of today compared to then? Are you labeled a prude by contemporary standards today?

"Christianity needs to update and adapt its moral standards for the 21st century!"

I hear this all time and it echoes from voices 100 years ago. Back then, …

When Grief Is Like Fear

C.S. Lewis once said, “No one ever told me that grief felt just like fear” and for a quite a while I wasn't sure exactly what he meant. I didn't quite understand how fear could be related to grief. I read everything about fear and grief I could get my hands on and what I found and realized is that grief and fear go hand in hand. Grief doesn't have to be over the death of a loved one, it can come from lost love in our life. It can come from feeling you are not loved because of the way someone you love treats you. It feels the same, in fact, you feel that you have seemingly lost everything, what else is there to fear? But that is only the beginning of our human fears.
The "What Ifs" Of Fear  After I read what C.S. Lewis said I examined my own fears. They are like everyone elses fears. We face the fear of not being everything we think God and everyone we care about wants us to be, the fear of losing loved ones, the fear of being rejected, fear of everything changing-c…