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What Happens When You Abandon A Narcissist?

I got an email from a lady in Wisconsin that just broke my heart detailing all the things her husband has done to this young woman and would you believe after detailing the terrible things he has done she asked the question...AM I ABUSED? He fits the profile of a Malignant Narcissist to a tee, and makes her feel like she is the problem and that there is something wrong with her thinking. To her I have this to say and to everyone living with an Abusive Narcissist: 

If you truly value your sanity you will have to understand that the Narcissist is an EMOTIONAL VAMPIRE! You will never have any real value except as "feeding ground" for his voracious appetite of self! Everything must revolve around this self-styled god. Separate yourself from his kingdom of self if you want any identity of your own.
I have talked about the ABUSER until I am blue in the face it seems, but it really is hard to get the ABUSED to understand why their ABUSER does the things they do and that ABUSED ARE NO…

ABUSE AND DIVORCE...Guiding principles to starting a better life!

So many clergy are cowards when it comes to defending the woman in an abusive relationship. They either refuse to get between an abusive husband and his wife, or they try to take the "high road" and counsel the wife to take it all in stride and just continue her Christ-like conduct while being devastated by a FOOL! They admonish him to conduct himself in a more Christ-like manner-geez that lasts until he gets angry or doesn't get sex when he wants it!

This article is by Del Hungerford, and probably one of the most scholarly works I have seen when it comes to dealing with an abusive spouse.

So many people ask about divorce and abuse: Can a woman Biblically divorce her abuser? This seems to be the main “tripping over” point for many Christian women who are (or have been) in abusive relationships. I think in order to answer this question satisfactorily, it’s important to look at HOW God views our behavior and the results (consequences) of that behavior. 

NOTE: Keep in mind tha…

Like It or Not Marriage Covenants Are Conditional (NOT Unconditional)

Like It or Not Marriage Covenants Are Conditional (NOT Unconditional)

There is a errant-unbiblical teaching that has been taught in male-centered, male priviledged churches  that attempts to state that the marriage vows are FOREVER UNBREAKABLE in God's eyes!  Such teaching allows ungodly men to LORD over their wives in oppressive ways with their covenant partner.  A Marriage Covenant, Marriage Vows, a Marriage Agreement and a Covenant Marriage are all conditional! First let me assure Christian man and woman that there is no such thing as an "unconditional" marriage covenant. Although these male dominant churches misuse scriptures from Bible to convince and condemn their marriage partner to remain in an unhealthy, unholy relationship that is purportedly stated as, "you made your bed now lie in it." In fact the Bible does not say that all. We must understand God's view of covenants and how they relate to believers and non-believers. The very terms: marriage ag…