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How To Enjoy Christmas...EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!

Well this will be another year alone for Christmas that makes 6 in a row! I won't give my reasons for it but heck I deserve it. I foolishly put my eggs in one basket and counted on someone else for happiness and truthfully I am not any happier-if anything it's worse. However, that is my fault! So I was looking for a way to help others not only cope with the loneliness of Christmas for many but how to thrive. I found this article by J. Rosewater and from a secular standpoint it just makes here it is and I won't say Merry Christmas-oh wait...I just did!

9 »» How to Enjoy Christmas Even if You Don't Like It Updated on April 8, 2017 J Rosewater more Here it comes again The end of December is not a jolly ho-ho-ho time if you don't like Christmas. It can be depressing and can really bring home your lack of success in all the areas of your life. The fun and joy some people seem to have at this time of the year underlines your inability to…