When Is Enough, Enough In A Relationship?

How do you know when you have had enough? There are many women and men who are in unhealthy relationships, and they are not aware of it. Or they have become aware and are afraid the change will be too drastic for the family to handle! What is an unhealthy relationship? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? In most cases, unhealthy relationships start off as any normal relationship. It is not always true though because we can wish a relationship is a certain way and even convince ourselves it is a good deal if we want something bad enough. The guy or girl is amazing to you, you both have plenty in common, and the two of you can talk on the phone for hours (well, in some cases). Everything seems great, right? Then months into the relationship, you begin to notice that he or she is changing and it begins to frighten you a little. What actually happened is that you did not notice the warning signs: overly jealous, quick tempered, egotistical, self-serving and self-indulgent, controlling, you find you are basically ignored or made to feel inferior, accusatory, minimizing your pain, gestures or threats of violence, pointing out your faults when confronted with theirs...get the picture? You refused to notice because you had a dream world you envisioned with a partner that wanted to build his dreams on top of yours and at your expense!

He or she will start becoming obsessed over you, and you may think that it's cute that he or she is jealous. Then they might start checking your phones constantly, watching your behavior, or getting upset when you hang out with family or friends without him or her. He or she can start to abuse you in little ways and it does not have to be physical abuse. Abuse comes in different forms such as: physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. When your partner becomes physical with you, you should begin evaluating a different plan. Many women and men have died or were seriously injured do to their partner hitting or striking them too hard. If you have to walk in your own house on egg shells; then you're in an unhealthy relationship.

Verbal abuse is as serious as physical abuse. Who said words does not hurt? Words can hurt more than a fist to your face. When someone belittles you, especially someone you care about; it IS A SOUL KILLER! Who wants to be called HATEFUL NAMES? When your partner begins to belittle you; a qualified counselor will tell you it is time to get out of the relationship and stay in counseling. No one deserves to be treated without respect. Being with someone who is angry, spiteful, egotistical, in denial of their abuse, and selfish all the time is not safe and that will not lead to a healthy relationship. You can only do so much for a person and if that person is not willing to change; you need to move on. Moving on is a difficult thing to accomplish but it has to be done. Starting over is always awkward, but you have to start over to understand what a good man or woman is.

When it comes to abuse an apology is never enough and never let a man or woman frighten you into staying in a relationship. Follow your intuition and if you are afraid of your partner or afraid that he or she is not the one for you; seek help please and think seriously about getting out. Life is too short to WALK ON EGGSHELLS!

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You Nearly Destroyed Me Please Let Me Go

You keep dwelling in what was years ago
So much has changed, I know you know.
You try so hard to capture and smother me like in the past
You refuse to believe this hurtful union cannot last.

If you take the trouble to look in my eyes, I know you can see
The emptiness for you now residing deep inside of me.
With your every critical word, I want to scream
I only seek Peace away from you, to live my Dream.

I can smell the cheap flowers and candy as I lay in my sleep
And try in vain to forget the taste of all the tears I weep.
I long for silence from your manipulating mouth to release my heart
I would thank God for His merciful release when we finally part.

I beg you earnestly and deeply do you even know?
You nearly destroyed me "Please let me go."
Let go of my life you almost destroyed, release your terrible grip
Stop pulling on me so hard, no love is there, I'm starting to rip.

Your constant negativity and deceit drowns my mind
My Eyes of Love over years of pain have sadly gone blind.
I don't wish you the pain you put me through. no, not at all
I just want to stand on my own and no longer crawl.

From now on allow me to live my life as ME
Stop holding me hostage, just set me free.
The time has come and already passed I start to observe
What real Happiness means and now know what I deserve.

I want to feel it without you and conquer the endless pain
I want to refill the Life that you began to drain.
My days drag by, endless misery with you, so very slow
I want my life back... just please...let go!
Written by me for a special friend in pain


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