Alone And Friendless For Christmas

This year I was alone for Thanksgiving. I've been alone for Thanksgiving before though it has been a while, and this year I will be alone for Christmas and New Year's. I've been alone for Christmas and New Year's before and wondered what to do with me. Maybe some of you are in that same fix. What to do, you ask yourself? Sure, it’s easy to fall into a funk and begin to feel sorry for yourself and your situation. What makes it worse is if you don't even have a friend to do Christmas with for whatever reason. Sometimes it was by choice, and other times it wasn't. In any case, when I was alone for Thanksgiving this year I read and went to a movie, I found a way to make the most of my situation and looked at it with from a very short-term perspective —who knows what next year will bring? What if it is the same thing? What will you do then? Plan ahead!

It’s a great time to do something completely different and go outside of your comfort zone or shell of security. If you've never volunteered at a food bank or kitchen, give it a try. I called around this week to see where I can volunteer this year and found that food kitchens require you to have a health card now. So if you want to do that next year, plan ahead and get your health card. If you plan ahead next year you can also help in a food bank or Christmas present distribution just before Christmas Day. If you are not the volunteer type there are other things you can do

So here are some other suggestions you can try if you’re alone for Thanksgiving or Christmas. And if none of those things float your boat, well, here are even more suggestions on how to make the holidays a little less lonely. Remember, you can be alone for the holidays and not have to feel lonely.

*  Churches sometimes offer to provide meals and fellowship and a wonderful time with the God who loves us.

* If you have never read through the Bible completely Christmas Day is good time to start.

* Read a book you have always wanted to pick up and read but just never found time to do.

*  Go to McDonald's the day before Christmas and buy gift cards to hand out to those in need as you drive or walk city streets.

*  Stay home and write about your best Christmas ever-a trip down memory lane can do a world of good!

*  Fix yourself a meal of something you would really enjoy-take time for yourself

* Go see a movie...most movie theaters are open on Christmas day-do a movie marathon!

* A guy named Paul Little filmed himself doing every role in Home Alone

* Broke? Stay home and watch your favorite Christmas movies even broadcast TV has them. Don't forget popcorn is cheap and so are cookies...worry about the calories tomorrow!

* Many gyms are open on Christmas-it's good time to start a new routine or do continue an old one.

* Drive to the country for a day if seasonal weather isn't a problem.

* Build a computer, do a project for a day, or plan a project to do for the coming year.

* Write to a soldier defending our freedoms-soldiers get lonely too even in a crowd of other soldiers

Most importantly don't sit and feel sorry for yourself because of high expectations! Remember, if you feel like you’re missing out on the ideal holiday Hallmark scene, it helps to be brought back to reality. Things happen in life that bring about disappointment and loss but it is never something that cannot be remedied for the future. For most families, holidays are often a time of stress combined with a time of togetherness. It’s not all flowers and sunshine, and some people absolutely dread getting together with their family because of family expectations of “togetherness. or other issues” That’s part of the problem — this sense of “togetherness” comes part and parcel with the holidays. As Dr. Elaine Rodino noted in her articles about coping with the holidays, “There’s so much hype for this wonderful time of togetherness, that it accentuates the feeling of being alone and disconnected.” I can think of several Christmases with family I would rather have been somewhere else...even alone! Next year may be different, but if it isn't, plan to do something outside your comfort zone. Make it a Christmas adventure!

Although we may sometimes feel very much alone in the world, we are the makers of our own reality and feelings. If you’re alone this Thanksgiving or Christmas, change your expectations — change something up this holiday season — and you can change your holiday from one of feeling lonely and sorry for yourself, to one of feeling alone — but content. Remember something very important if you are a believer, God loved your life enough to provide a way to be with Him for eternity by giving the greatest gift man has ever known-His Son. Embrace Christmas for it's true meaning not what the world tells you Christmas is for! Have a very blessed Christmas EVERYONE!

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  1. What a great blog to encourage any who are spending time alone this holiday season. You're so right... there is always blessing to be found and especially when we focus on what we can do for others. Lots of good ideas and helpful information (and the Home Alone thing cracked me up) :) Thanks for the reminder too of what Christmas is really about. A precious gift given when Jesus came so humbly into the world to save us. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a new year full of good things!


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